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Marinelife Center

Loggerhead Marinelife Center

We’re excited to announce our sponsorship and partnership with Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC). Comprising innovators, explorers, and discoverers, LMC has paved the way for sea turtle conservation with cutting-edge research, initiatives, and programs. Recognized as one of the world’s most unique cultural destinations, the Center’s close proximity to the biodiverse Gulf Stream affords its researchers, educators, and conservationists access to untapped data and experiences. With data at its fingertips, LMC is able to network with organizations across the world to design effective marine debris prevention programs and sea turtle-saving procedures. Through its four core pillars of rehabilitation, research, education, and conservation, the Center serves as a conservation hub with international reach.

Last year, the Center celebrated several accomplishments including:
  • 20
    Countries reached with its mission
  • 48
    Treated sea turtles released back into the wild
  • 16,500+
    Sea turtle nests documented and protected
  • 99,967
    Pieces of marine debris removed during underwater and coastal cleanups
  • 802
    Sea turtle hatchlings released back into the wild


As a worldwide agent of ocean conservation, LMC has developed and implemented comprehensive solutions to man-made threats impacting sea turtles. Designed to reduce common injuries seen in sea turtle patients, LMC’s conservation efforts focus on providing individuals and industry partners with actionable solutions.

We will collaborate with LMC to encourage environmentalism and sea turtle research, including on-premise conservation solutions and awareness campaigns to share marine education programs at every touchpoint.

While many boaters have a clear interest in the great outdoors and our waterways, the LMC recommends a few attainable conservation practices for boaters, such as:

Fishing Line icon

Properly recycling monofilament lines at fishing sites to prevent derelict marine debris. It could easily drift elsewhere and entangle or strangulate marine life as well as nearby wildlife.

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Being cognizant of single-use plastics at restaurants or while camping. Plastics eventually break down into nano plastics and trickle into the food and water we consume.

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Supporting local beaches during sea turtle nesting season. Best practices involve turning off artificial lights at night, knocking over sandcastles and filling in holes, collecting beach chairs, and so on.

It’s a common mantra at LMC that “the sea turtles tell us the health of the ocean and the ocean tells us the health of our planet.” Through the unwavering support of many, LMC is able to obtain innovative medicine, technologies, and procedures that will be groundbreaking for the habitats we heavily depend on.

For more adventures to be had and places to explore, it’s critical that we protect our greatest environmental assets now. Learn more about the Loggerhead Marinelife Center by visiting marinelife.org.

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